Isle of Skye Consulting
Isle of Skye is a full-service hemp consulting firm for farmers, manufacturers, and distributors.
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“Working with Jazmine has been amazing. She is more plugged into the industry than anyone else I’ve met. Jazmine doesn’t play any games. She’s to the point and says it how she sees it. She is the true seed to sale master and has made our business at 39 Hemp “Skye” rocket!”

39 Hemp


Isle of Skye decreases major input costs and guides farmers by supplying top quality genetics and advising throughout the entire grow operation.


Isle of Skye works with multiple labs to create the strategic partnerships your farm needs to have material processed quickly and efficiently.


Isle of Skye has a vast network of distribution chains to move and sell your products in the highly competitive market.


Isle of Skye works to ensure that you have the most innovative technology, equipment, and techniques for your business to succeed.


Isle of Skye creates strategic partnerships for your business by collaborating with a broad network of industry leaders.


Isle of Skye continuously evaluates and refines your product and distribution to grow your business throughout the process.

We love this company! Truly one of the best in the industry! Jasmine is one of a kind! If you’re looking for honest info to maximize profits Isle of Skye is the way to go.



  • Seeds & Cloning
  • Equipment Rental
  • Plant & Harvest
  • Extraction & Post Extraction
  • Product Distribution​
  • Strategic Partnerships
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“As the COO of Biominerales Pharma, with grow, lab, and finished goods operations in USA and Colombia, I have encountered hundreds of people in my pursuit to learn, source, and sell within the hemp industry. Jazmine Skye has been the most beneficial person I have dealt with; her massive rolodex, unparalleled industry knowledge, and the will to do whatever it takes, makes her a critical part of our success. Whether you or buying, selling, or seeking knowledge, Jazmine is at the very top of the list.”

David Shaw, Biominerales Pharma & USA Hempire Farms