“Jazmine is knowledgeable, passionate, and gets the job done. She is the ‘it girl’ of the hemp industry from everything to genetics to farm consulting. She ensures her clients are educated, happy, and prepared for their best chance at success in the industry.”

Brandon Scales, Oregon Biomass


Jazmine Skye Kennedy was born and raised in the Florida panhandle and moved to Denver three years ago to pursue her passion of working in the hemp and cannabis industries.

While living in Florida, Jazmine was a huge proponent of legalizing medical and recreational marijuana. However, she decided to relocate because of the lack of progress and government support for the industry.

In 2017, Jazmine decided to take her passion to Denver and immediately found success in the industry. She quickly found that there were gaps between supply and demand that needed to be bridged and through aggressive networking, she began to work with several farms and distributors to move large amounts of product. 

In 2019, Jazmine founded Isle of Skye Consulting, a full-service hemp consulting firm for farmers, manufacturers, and distributors. She is also the President of 39 Hemp.

“Jazmine has been a thrill to work with this past year, very knowledgeable in this industry. Reliable, honest, and always available. She knows how to make things happen. Look forward to working with Jazmine in the Hemp industry for years to come!”

Jake Parks, Native CBD company