Seeds & Genetics

Isle of Skye will lead you through the purchasing process of clones, seedlings, and seeds.

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Plant & Harvest

Do you have planting and harvesting needs? 

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Services are subject to geographic location. We specialize in solutions for drying your product.

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Processing & Post Extraction

Isle of Skye matches the client with the right processors and extractors to create a product that is leading demand in today’s market. Isle of Skye has an internal formula to determine a client’s individual needs depending on geographic location and grow-size.

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Distribution & Transportation

Isle of Skye has a vast network of distribution chains to move and sell your products in the highly competitive market. Isle of Skye will move your supply from harvest to consumers and anywhere in between. 

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Strategic Partnerships

Isle of Skye has built a large network of industry leaders and creates customized strategies for clients by utilizing strategic partnerships. There is no one size fits all solution and Isle of Skye builds partnerships to cater to individual client needs. 

Email Jazmine to inquire about becoming a partner.